s14ab Method
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s14ab returns the value of the logarithm of the Gamma function, lnΓx.


public static double s14ab(
	double x,
	out int ifail
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Shared Function s14ab ( _
	x As Double, _
	<OutAttribute> ByRef ifail As Integer _
) As Double
Visual C++
static double s14ab(
	double x, 
	[OutAttribute] int% ifail
static member s14ab : 
        x:float * 
        ifail:int byref -> float 


Type: System..::.Double
On entry: the argument x of the function.
Constraint: x>0.0.
Type: System..::.Int32 %
On exit: ifail=0 unless the method detects an error (see [Error Indicators and Warnings]).

Return Value

s14ab returns the value of the logarithm of the Gamma function, lnΓx.


s14ab calculates an approximate value for lnΓx. It is based on rational Chebyshev expansions.
Denote by Rn,mix=Pnix/Qmix a ratio of polynomials of degree n in the numerator and m in the denominator. Then:
Let ε denote machine precision and let xhuge denote the largest positive model number (see x02al). For x<0.0 the value lnΓx is not defined; s14ab returns zero and exits with ifail=1. It also exits with ifail=1 when x=0.0, and in this case the value xhuge is returned. For x in the interval 0.0,ε, the function lnΓx=-lnx to machine accuracy.
Now denote by xbig the largest allowable argument for lnΓx on the machine. For xbig1/4<xxbig the Rn,m41/x2 term in Equation (1) is negligible. For x>xbig there is a danger of setting overflow, and so s14ab exits with ifail=2 and returns xhuge. The value of xbig is given in the Library Constants section of the Introduction.


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