Keyword: health care center, simulation, optimization, 献血センター, 最小化問題, 最適化

論文タイトル Integrating simulation and optimisation in health care centre management
出版情報 European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 150, Issue 1, 1 October 2003
著者 Vanda De Angelis, Giovanni Felici, Paolo Impelluso
概要(abstract) "In this paper we address an important design and management problem in a health care centre where a set of services, required by one or more categories of users in different but predetermined sequences, are provided. Various types of servers and facilities are assigned to the different services and are subject to budget restrictions. The number of servers of each type assigned to each service affects the overall efficiency of the system and its indicators, such as the total time spent in the system by the various categories of users. We present a methodology that interactively uses system simulation, estimation of target function and optimisation to calculate and validate the optimal configuration of servers. Such a methodology constitutes the core of an effective decision support system for healthcare managers. In this paper we describe an application of the proposed methodology and show its effectiveness in improving the management of a transfusion centre."
使用されているNAG製品 "the average total time spent in the system(ATiS)" の関数の推定の過程で最小化問題の厳密解を得るのに NAG library の最適化ルーチンが使用されている。


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