Keyword: neuronal firing, calcium buffering capacity, Runge-Kutta

論文タイトル Modulation of neuronal excitability by intracellular calcium buffering: From spiking to bursting
出版情報 Cell Calcium, Volume 39, Issue 5, May 2006
著者 C. Roussel, T. Erneux, S.N. Schiffmann, D. Gall
概要(abstract) "We have investigated the detailed regulation of neuronal firing pattern by the cytosolic calcium buffering capacity using a combination of mathematical modeling and patch-clamp recording in acute slice. Theoretical results show that a high calcium buffer concentration alters the characteristic regular firing of cerebellar granule cells and that a transition to various modes of oscillations occurs, including bursting. "
"In high calcium buffering conditions, granule cells exhibit all bursting behaviors predicted by the model whereas bursting is never observed in low buffering. These results suggest that cytosolic calcium buffering capacity can tightly modulate neuronal firing patterns leading to generation of complex patterns and therefore that calcium-binding proteins may play a critical role in the non-synaptic plasticity and information processing in the central nervous system."
使用されているNAG製品 カルシウム緩衝能によるニューロンの発火パターンの規則の調査のためのモデルの方程式を解く際に、NAG Fortran Library のルーチン D02BBF で実装されている4次元の Runge-Kutta method が使用されている。


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