Keyword: virus transport, synthetic barriers, simulation

論文タイトル A mathematical model for simulating virus transport through synthetic barriers
出版情報 Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Volume 61, Number 1 (1999)
著者 Matthew R. Myers, C. David Lytle and Licia B. Routson
概要(abstract) "Synthetic barriers such as gloves, condoms and masks are widely used in efforts to prevent disease transmission. Due to manufacturing defects, tears arising during use, or material porosity, there is inevitably a risk associated with use of these barriers. An understanding of virus transport through the relevant passageways would be valuable in quantifying the risk. However, experimental investigations involving such passageways are difficult to perform, owing to the small dimensions involved. This paper presents a mathematical model for analyzing and predicting virus transport through barriers. The model incorporates a mathematical description of the mechanisms of virus transport, which include carrier-fluid flow, Brownian motion, and attraction or repulsion via virus-barrier interaction forces. The critical element of the model is the empirically determined rate constant characterizing the interaction force between the virus and the barrier. Once the model has been calibrated through specification of the rate constant, it can predict virus concentration under a wide variety of conditions. "
使用されているNAG製品 ウィルス濃度は外部方程式を用いて測定することができ、その外部方程式の解にNAG ソフトウェアパッケージで実装されている有限差分と線の方法が使用されている。


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